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Kyong Johnson (previously Kyonggeun Yoon before moving to Boulder) moved to USA after finishing her college in Korea and got her Ph.D in chemistry in Berkeley and worked in academia and pharmaceutical industry in the East Coast before retiring in Boulder.  I worked with determination, passion, tenacity, and sometimes with blindness.  In some ways, I was to an accidental pioneer:  working and competing in a male dominated field from the early 60’s, marrying Bruce (an American!), and raising two  amazing daughters.   Retirement brought a big break from the frenetic pace but also hosts of health problems.  In my sixth decade, I was able to transition my self from a scientist to a musician playing violin in a quartet and orchestra, learning a new instrument (piano), singing in the Cantabile Chorus.   

Then the painting came along.  Surprisingly, I found that painting comes naturally and flowing through me.  I have always been interested in observation and studying nature, macro, micro, and molecular levels.  Now, I will carry my love for experimenting new things for my transition from science to painting.  I would like to thank Caroline Thompson who got me started, supported and encouraged me with a passion in my being an acrylic painter.





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